Using Google Forms for peer critique

By Tim Bedley

Students use iPads to peer critique.
Students use iPads to peer critique.

I use Google forms to help guide my 4th and 5th graders through the writing peer critique process. I have created tailor-made forms for Response to Literature, Summaries and more.
My students bring their own iPads to school. The few that do not own one borrow a class iPad. Students sit in pairs around the room with their iPad and recent writing assignment in hand. Each student is given about 15 minutes to critique their partner’s paper. I set a timer for this.
When the form has been completed, students use their iPad thesaurus to help the author enrich vocabulary.
I train the students to do this independently. It takes several times running through things with a lot of modeling and reflection to get the students able to work independently and effectively at peer critique.

You can see my critique forms at my class website.

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Tim Bedley

Tim Bedley has been teaching elementary school since 1988. He was recognized as the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the year. Tim is also the founder of America's number one educational rock band, Rockin' the Standards. He also produces two podcast found on iTunes: The Bedley Bros. and The 5-Minute MishMash. Tim and his brother Scott are co-founders of Global School Play Day, a grassroots movement to promote unstructured play with today's youths.

2 thoughts on “Using Google Forms for peer critique”

  1. Your classroom website is amazing! I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with colleagues (former and present).

    Google Forms is a great tool. I’ve used it too. I also like to have students make comments on Google docs – comments specific to six trait writing descriptors. Good docs completely changed peer editing for me.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Of course you can share my class website. It’s there for my students, and for the world’s students 😉 Thanks for the idea on Google docs. Excellent thoughts.

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