Inspiring Video: Richie, the Engineer with No Arms

Richie was born with no arms. His whole life has been a course in design engineering. As you kick off your new school year, this is a perfect time to show this awe-inspiring video to instill determination, hard-work, and positive attitude in your students. Personally, I couldn’t watch this video without tearing up. Richie is one of my new heroes.

Here are some suggestions for classroom use. Give your students some time to pair share their feelings after watching the video. Don’t rush into a whole class discussion or assignment right away. After ample time to process, ask your students some questions: What challenges do you face in life? How does Richie inspire you to become a greater person? What questions would you ask Richie if you could meet him? Perhaps you will assign a response essay or ask your students to blog about Richie. Maybe you could write to Richie and thank him for the example he sets for young people.

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Tim Bedley

Tim Bedley has been teaching elementary school since 1988. He was recognized as the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the year. Tim is also the founder of America's number one educational rock band, Rockin' the Standards. He also produces two podcast found on iTunes: The Bedley Bros. and The 5-Minute MishMash. Tim and his brother Scott are co-founders of Global School Play Day, a grassroots movement to promote unstructured play with today's youths.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Video: Richie, the Engineer with No Arms”

  1. Tim,

    Fantastic post! My principals and I have been going through the teacher evaluation “stuff” for the past few days. It’s truly a terrible experience, but this young man has renewed our vigor. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Tim,

      Thanks for sharing this video. I am planning on showing this with time left for discussion, as you suggested. As a science teacher, I am always looking for great ideas and practices related to the subject matter. But sometimes, it is also about lighting a fire under our students. I am mid-way through the first grading period and I see that in each of my periods, I have about 5 students who are failing already (mostly due to lack of homework return, and then not doing well on the tests). However difficult their own situations may be, I hope this inspires them to see a vision for themselves. That will do more for me and them than any fun science experiment.


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