The Bedley Bros #EdChat Ep 30: Will Deyamport

“My personal goal before they fire me is to put the district on the path of being a connected district.” It’s never a dull moment when you’re learning from Dr. Will and his zany sense of humor. You’ll thoroughly enjoy this lighthearted and informative discussion between Scott, Dr. Will and me as we talk about professional development, Google Drive, PLN’s, a classroom connection with Hong Kong, and andragogical challenges. SAY WHAT?! And Dr. Will says we shouldn’t be teaching like pirates. Tune in!

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Tim Bedley

Tim Bedley has been teaching elementary school since 1988. He was recognized as the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the year. Tim is also the founder of America's number one educational rock band, Rockin' the Standards. He also produces two podcast found on iTunes: The Bedley Bros. and The 5-Minute MishMash. Tim and his brother Scott are co-founders of Global School Play Day, a grassroots movement to promote unstructured play with today's youths.

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