January is Author’s Month on The Bedley Bros

Scott and I will have the privilege of interviewing some incredible authors throughout the month of January 2014 on our Bedley Bros show. Guests will include Sharon Draper, author of best-selling book Out of My Mind (with special co-host, America’s Librarian, Shannon Miller), Dan Pink, The Two Sisters Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (of The Daily 5 fame), Alex Kajitani (the Rappin’ Mathematician), Angela Maiers, and Robert Marzano! You can see the schedule for our live broadcasts on Shannon Miller’s blog. We hope to involve our audience in sharing questions for our guests. Mark your calendars and tune in by visiting the Bedley Bros homepage.

Bedley Bros Author's Month

The Bedley Bros Ep 39: Elana Leoni

Elana Leoni is the Director of social media strategy and marketing for Edutopia, one of the coolest websites for professional development in the world! Elana tells us more about Edutopia and shares some tips for using social media.

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The Bedley Bros Ep 38: The Two Sisters Part 2

The Bedley Bros just had to have more time with the Two Sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. On Episode 38 they discuss their second book, CAFE, as well as their amazing professional development website The Daily Cafe. Gail and Joan share some great ideas on student goal setting, developing reading comprehension, and their take on Accelerated Reader.

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Guide to Squid Dissection


The Bedley Bros Ep 37: Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence’s list of credentials is a mile long: Executive Director of CUE, 2003 Apple Distinguished Educator, assisted in the development and launch of Discovery Education Network, Co-Founder of the Google Certified Teacher Program, Co-Executive Director of the Infinite Thinking Machine, Member ISTE Board of Directors, Director California Student Media Festival, and an all-around good guy. Mike talks about some of the exciting ventures he’s involved in and breaks the news of this year’s CUE Conference closing Keynote!

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California Student Media Festival

EdCamp Murrieta

Project Tomorrow

The Bedley Bros #EdChat Ep 35: Nick Provenzano

Nick Provenzo is an Evernote guru and is an official ambassador for the product. In episode 35, Nick, otherwise known as The Nerdy Teacher, teaches Scott and me the power of using Evernote to simplify your teaching life. Recorded on the day before Halloween, this episode is sure to engage, educate and entertain!

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The Bedley Bros #EdChat Ep 33: Jeff Charbonneau

2013 National Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau, a high school science teacher from Washington, shares what it’s like to be the Teacher of the Year and gives some great ideas for classroom teachers. Jeff’s philosophy centers around his understanding of the power of developing relationships. Tune in to episode 33 of the most popular education podcast hosted by brothers!

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American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom

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The Bedley Bros #EdChat Ep 30: Will Deyamport

“My personal goal before they fire me is to put the district on the path of being a connected district.” It’s never a dull moment when you’re learning from Dr. Will and his zany sense of humor. You’ll thoroughly enjoy this lighthearted and informative discussion between Scott, Dr. Will and me as we talk about professional development, Google Drive, PLN’s, a classroom connection with Hong Kong, and andragogical challenges. SAY WHAT?! And Dr. Will says we shouldn’t be teaching like pirates. Tune in!

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The Bedley Bros #EdChat Ep 29: Victoria Olsen

Victoria Olsen was involved in EdCamp Home, an online version of an EdCamp. She is an innovator in the EdTech world and shares some fantastic ideas for using Auras, gives a mini-lesson on the SAMR model for tech integration, and teaches about the advantages of a multi-age or combo class.

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Free Pirate Loot!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.03.00 PMThis Thursday, October 3, at 4:00 PM Pacific, Scott and I will be interviewing Dave Burgess, author of Teach Like a Pirate. We will be peppering Dave with questions to take us beyond teaching like a pirate and into some even more innovative ways to engage your students. And we will be having our first ever TLAP LOOT giveaway! There are two ways to enter the contest: simply go to the contact page and give us your email address (don’t worry, we’re not going to give away your information to ANYONE, nor will we spam you.) You also need to tell us in the comment section that you want to win some TLAP Loot! The other way to enter is to Tweet out about the show using the hashtag #TLAPLOOT. It’s that easy. Deadline for entry is Thursday, October 3, at 3 PM Pacific time. Then tune in to the live broadcast here at TimBedley.com and see if you win! The winners will be announced sometime during the show on Wednesday.


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The Bedley Bros. #EdChat Ep. 27: Jonathan Bergmann

On Episode 27 of The Bedley Bros EdChat, Scott and I have a flippin’ great time interviewing the father and face of the Flipped Classroom, Jonathan Bergmann. What is the Flipped Classroom? What is it not? Jon explains how to use the Flipped Class model in an effective manner. How do we get our students really tuned in to the instructional videos? How do you create enough quizzes to implement mastery learning? You won’t want to miss this episode of The Bedley Bros. EdChat!

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Simon Sinek TED Talk