100+ iPad Apps


All apps are free unless otherwise noted.
Favorites are in bold.      

 *My Students should download these

Make Your Own iPad Stand (Video) Convert your iPad into a document camera for a few bucks.

Griffin Survivor iPad Case This is the case I recommend at my trainings. It does a great job protecting your investment for under $40 on Amazon.


5 Dice* Order of Operations math game. Excellent for strategy and math facts. Student scores can be emailed to parent or teacher with precise data. VERY cool!

The 7th Guest: Infection* Super hard strategy game similar to Othello. Play a friend or against the computer.

Action Movie FX Fun video app that adds an explosion or shooting robots to a video clip. Looks real. Kids love it. Not very educational.

Airsketch* Quickly write and project on your class screen.

Alchemy Synth Mobile Music creation app. Kids can make a song about school content.

Animation Creator Express* Create simple cartoons for projects.

Animation Desk Full Blown Animation App for projects.

Animator $.99 Flipbook animation creation tool.

Apps Gone Free* A daily journal delivered to your iPad of apps that normally cost money, but are free for a limited time. A must have.

Arrows XD $.99 Physics based puzzle game.

Aurasma CRAZY! Make a video that plays when someone points their iPad or iPhone at a designated picture. Project implications are endless.

BatteryDoctor* $0.99 Save your battery life.

Box Cloud storage. Start with 10 gigs for free!

Calculator HD Pro* $2.99 3 bucks for a calculator? No way! Yes way. This calculator shows the addends so you don’t have to waste time wondering if you already entered a number. So worth the money!

ClassDojo Student incentive feedback system. This is the APP I use most often at school.

ColAR Mix Download the free coloring PDF pages from their website. Point your device at the colored picture and watch it come alive! This is the one app that can easily blow people’s minds!

Color Uncovered* The science of color. Examples showing how the eye can trick you, etc.

Comic Book* $1.99 Add captions to pictures comic book style.

Copy* 15GB of free cloud storage.

Dink* Animation drawing app…like making a flip book. Many excellent features. Easy to export animations.

Doceri remote $30 for your desktop. Control your computer with your iPad. Teach with your computer from anywhere in the room.

DragonBox+*  $5.99 Learn algebra for ages 8 and up. It’s painless, incremental, and fun! Genius app. Well worth the money if someone needs to learn basic algebra.

Draw Free* Nice little drawing app with lots of features and simple to use.

Dropbox* Always have access to important files from any device. Click here to sign up for a free Dropbox account.

DropCap $.99 Tetris style game only you make words.

Duo Browser* Able to look at two websites on the screen at the same time. Nice for research, writing, etc.

Educreations* Quick, simple recordable whiteboard lessons. Upload to Educreations website only.

Evernote* Organize all of your ideas, emails, links, notes, etc. in one place. Searchable by keywords.

Explain Everything* $2.99 Advanced recordable whiteboard lessons. Write on pics, pdfs, etc. Can upload directly to YouTube, camera roll, Evernote, etc. If you are a little more serious about making screen capture lesson videos, get this app.

FactorMan Very challenging math game that beautifully blends skill and strategy.

Find My iPhone* MUST HAVE! Turn on Find My iPad setting in your settings > iCloud. You will be able to find your iPad if someone steals it or you misplace it.

Flickerings Amazing photos to inspire descriptive or creative writing. Photography skills.

Flipboard Organizes all of your information into one attractive and fun app. Facebook, Twitter, News, Blogs, etc. all in one place.

FunSlides HD $0.99 Create slide shows.

Game Buzzer* Run a gameshow in class. Two players. Buzz in first and keep score.

Geoboard* by The Math Learning Center. Just like the old rubber bands on the nails manipulative, only easier. Great for teaching elementary geometry.

Good Docs – Google Editor* Write documents from your iPad and save on Google Docs. Word processor.

Google Drive* Access important files from any device. 5GB for free.

Google Search* Amazing search capabilities. Snap a photo and this app finds similar on the Internet.

Google Slides* Edit slide shows (think PowerPoint) on your iPad. Google app.

Grade It! Easy grader digital! Enter the number of problems and this app gives you a chart telling percent for each possible correct.

Guess the Code* Basically Mastermind game except it has easier levels. Play against the computer.

Haiku Deck* Super clean slide presentations. Search for images directly from app. Places images in full size. Text is minimal, which makes for good presentations.

Hands-On Equations $12.97 3 Levels, 3 apps. Learn algebra by using manipulatives. Amazing program but it comes with a cost. If you really want to learn algebra, buy this!

Hangman Free HD* Spelling practice.

Harmonious Fun simple drawing app. You can use all sorts of strange pencils.Very artsy.

How to Draw* Drawing tutorial for kids to learn art skills.

i Tell a Story* $0.99 Great for making podcasts or simply recording students telling a story they wrote. Sound effects and music spices it up.

Idea Sketch* Make mind maps, brainstorming, word webs

iMotionHD* Students create stop motion movies (like Gumby.)

iMovie* $4.99 Shoot video from your iPad and edit it into a completed project right on the device! Student projects. iMovie Trailers ROCK!

Infuse Learning This is actually not an app, but a website to interact with your BYOD students. Set up classes and ask your students questions. Save data results. Wonderful for teachers like me who work in a district that loves blocking everything wireless.

Inkflow* Blank paper to draw on. Email or upload the image you draw.

Interlocked* 3D puzzles

Jotnot $0.99 Your iPad becomes a scanner. Snap a picture of documents. Turn them into PDF’s. Email them.

Kidblog*  Kidbloggers post, comment, and more directly from the app.

Knowmia Teach* Screencast app with great tools and the ability to record your face in the corner.

Lazors Problem solving game of angles.

Little Alchemy* This addicting game is fairly educational, unless you use the cheats that are easily found online. Combine elements to make something new.

Live Binders* Organize all of your ideas, emails, links, notes, etc. in one place. Searchable by keywords. Like Evernote.

LogMeIn Allows you to control any computer using your iPad. Check your email on your home computer. Upload files from your school computer. Etc.

Mastery Connect – Common Core Common Core standards for all grades. Quick reference. Be sure to check out the Mastery Connect website. Exchange assessments.

Math Evolve* $1.99 Math facts video game. Weak on strategy but engaging nonetheless.

Meteor Math* Shoot the math facts as they float around through space. Very engaging math facts practice.

Nearpod* Engage your students in two way communication during a lesson. Quizzes. Data. Images. Huge APP! Each student needs a device.

neu.Notes+ $1.99 * Turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Need to use in conjunction with ReflectionApp or another device mirroring tool (Airplay, etc.)

Ninja Factr* Slice the factors game.

NodeBeat HD Easy way to create your own trippy song. Even little kids can create a song using this app!

the note, Moka! $4.99 Super slick note taking app.

Notebook+* Write, photos, audio recordings, drawings on this nifty paper app.

Numbler $.99 Scrabble with math equations.

The Opposites*  $0.99 Pop the floating word balloons when you find the opposites. Starts easy but gets VERY hard!

OSnap! $2.99 Time lapse, stop motion photography.

Overdrive Media Console* Check out e-books and audio books from your county library system right from iPad. Have your library card ready.

PDFReaderLite* Read PDF documents on your iPad.

Pearl Diver HD* Great app for upper elementary to middle school for teaching fractions and advanced number line concepts. Very engaging. Lobster Diver HD too!

Pick-a-Path* Very engaging math game full of strategy and math fact practice.

PuppetPals HD* Students create puppet shows to animate their stories or demonstrate what they’ve learned.

QRafter* Scan and generate (pro version) QR codes. SO many ways to put QR codes to work for you in an educational environment.

QuickVoice* Students can record themselves reading, telling you what they learned, etc. and email it to you.

ReflectionApp $14.99 Mirror your iPad on your computer wirelessly. A must have App if you plan to use your iPad in your classroom.

The Room A physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. 2012 Game of the Year.

Rover Browser that allows you to see FLASH websites.

Science 360* Awesome pictures and videos to learn all about science.

ScreenChomp* Quick, simple recordable whiteboard lessons. Upload to ScreenChomp website only.

Scribble Press* $2.99 Book authoring app. Very engaging and allows publishing to iBooks or the Scribble Press server.

Shikaku Madness Free* $2.97 for whole game. The game of area. Great for upper elementary and middle school students to reinforce concept of area. Beginner level is free. Each of the higher 3 levels are $.99 each.

ShowMe* Quick, simple recordable whiteboard lessons. Upload to ShowMe website only. Benefit of this App=many searchable lessons made by others.

Sight Words by Photo Touch* Choose the sight word you hear spoken. It starts with 3 choices. More choices keep getting added. Great for lower grades or struggling readers.

58 Skitch* Draw over pictures, documents, PDF’s, maps, etc. Save or tweet the finished product. Still only. Does not screen capture video.

Slice It!* $0.99 Excellent for practicing fractions and percents. Spatial reasoning. Don’t bother with the free version. You will quickly win be ready for the rest.

SlideRocket Create slide shows on Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop and then show them on your iPad with cloud integration.

SmartNote Free* Taking notes or writing assignments.

Sock Puppets* Students create sock puppet shows to animate their stories or demonstrate what they’ve learned. Socks move to match students voices.

Socrative* Quiz your students instantly. Quick and simple. Students must have device to participate.

Spellet* Addictive game of angles and problem solving.

Splashtop whiteboard  $19.99 Turn your iPad into a full blown interactive white board.

Sudoku* Logic game.

Super 7 HD* $0.99 Great game where you have to think quickly to use your math facts. Super engaging. Well worth the buck.

TanZen Lite* Tangram puzzles to help spatial thinking and geometry.

TechCrunch Tech headlines to keep you on top of what’s new.

Three Ring* Create a digital portfolio for each of your students. Collect photos, videos, and audio recordings from your iPad. Share it with parents online. Students may upload to their account also! My new favorite app!

Timer+ * Always good to have a timer handy in class to keep everyone on schedule. Set up to 3 timers at once.

Tiny Tap* One of the coolest apps out there! Circle hot spots on a picture. Record your voice to match the circled part. Users must tap the correct spot. Download free games from other users. Amazing classroom application to developing content vocabulary.

Too Noisy Volume meter to let class know if they need to keep it down. The smiley face plugs his hears if the meter peaks.

Toontastic* Students can create their own cartoon videos. Very funny!

Tripets Very challenging physics based game.

Twitter Follow the cutting edge educators to keep abreast of what’s happening. @tbed63

Unblock Me Free* LIke the plastic train game where you have to move the pieces in order to slide out the key piece. Great problem solving, critical thinking app.

Ustream Conduct a live broadcast from anywhere that you have Internet access. Just think of the possibilities for parent communication!

Videolicious* Quickly and easily produce photo montage videos complete with narration and music bed. Save or upload.

VoiceThread* Collaboration tool where students add their voice to an online presentation. Visitors can draw on slides, record audio, and record video comments.

Where is That? $.99 World geography game.

Word Warp Xtreme* Game where player tries to form words with the given letters. Timed.

Zite Personalized Magazine This App takes your preferences, scours the Internet, and makes a magazine just for you! Awesome PD tool.

iPad Training Notes     Free Dropbox Account

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  1. So I’m getting an iPad in a coulpe days and will definitely be getting this my question is, if I leave the app running and the weather changes, will the visual automatically change? Or do I need to reload the city or something? (Would like to leave it running as a screensaver at my desk while I work.) Was this answer helpful?

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